A Tips-list To Help You Survive Organizing An Office Party

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Yes it is completely understandable the amount of stress that you are under; peers asking you all the time about “hey how is the party coming?” probing you with questions for details, your boss breathing down your neck asking for regular updates, your colleges eyeing you with expectation; partly that things would be great or things would go wrong.

One month before the party
Get a few people that you trust and are helpful to assist you in this mission, and set up a committee of sorts. Send out party invitations; draft an attractive fun email that will make everyone look forward to the event. Be sure to mention these things; date and time, whether they can bring their spouse or kids, what kind of food and drinks will be served, if there is a party theme or a dress code and about the raffle draw or the games that you will have and the prizes.

Two weeks to go
Follow up with an email and send some juicy details out! You can ask for confirmation of participation if that is a concern. Get custom nametags, place cards and personalized little corporate gifts in Singapore made. Get some simple decorations made to please the eye. Get help from your creative colleagues. Get your favorite music on a playlist and ask everyone to suggest songs. Order the food and drinks.

One week to go
List down the equipments you need in numbers. As in how many chairs, plates, glasses and utensils you need more. Ready the balloons and the streamers and set up a plan about what items you will have where. Decide where the food is going to be if it is a buffet and where the kids’ table is going to be. Call all the vendors and the caterers and everyone that is necessary to confirm that you are up to the speed.

Party day is finally here!
Send a final email reminding everyone about the party. Make sure a few coworkers would help you out clearing the aftermath, ask them very very nicely. Make sure all customised gifts are in their respective bags; label them so you won’t mix them up. Make your round around the premises, making sure that washrooms have toilet papers and tissues, the dustbins are empty and the floor is free of clutter.

Arrange the tables, and ensure the food is ready and the bottles are lined up. Run through the music playlist for one last time and make sure everything is ready for the fun games.

An office party is a simple event that requires impeccable organisational skills and attention to detail. But be sure to get everything ready beforehand and unwind and have some fun for yourself too!