What Do You Mean By Diving Bells?

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The Diving bells concept has been linked to as early as the 4th century. Where the famous philosopher Aristotle was depicted in a painting to be under a bell in the deep blue ocean. The concept thus founded, was developed gradually through the years in to a fully function instrument used in diving.

Early usage
Fill in your sink with water and take a tea cup, use the up side down to push through the water. You would feel a pressure pushing it down. This is the air trapped inside of the cup that is pushing backwards. This simple concept was used in the early days where people would dive into waters with a bell shaped object hovering over them. This enabled the divers to stay in the water longer than was possible usually. However, there were many drawbacks with this solution.

style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;” src=”http://www.retrojordansshoes.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/dbell.jpg” width=”302″ height=”279″ />Problems
The diving bell concept in the early stages had many issues, and those issues were only addressed to as late the 1600s and 1700s. This concept was useable mainly only in shallow waters. Since a bell as huge as 10 feet was able to hold only air of 11 inches. Making the diving time very short. There were many problems with divers trying to rapidly resurface which caused decompression in them. Which also led to heart attacks and strokes.

Modern inventions
With the technological advancement in the modern world, the diving industry has also experienced many changes. Now divers are able to dive with much safety and in a problem free manner. The saturation diving system enables the divers to stay offshore for longer periods of time. It has helped divers experience the marine life with much transparency and ease.

As with all industries, time has been the solution. Time with expert technological solutions has helped man to develop systems that enable safe and easy diving. Diving is a very important aspect that enables humans to find out the life under water. Knowing and exploring the marine life has helped us in many ways including medicinal. Fish and other marine life has been used to manufacture medicines.

Also with diving, people are able to satisfy the inquisitive question of what lies beneath the deep blue waters. It has always been important to humans to find out the life under water. Scuba diving is also now a possibility to people with even the simplest knowledge of swimming because of the instruments that allow people to breathe under water. For professional divers the saturation diving equipment has been a major leap in their development!