Skills On Demand In Foreign Markets

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What with foreign employment and work visas easier to obtain than ever before, it is becoming quite a common practice to go abroad in search of better employment opportunities. There is something out there for everyone, but for those just looking to s tart, there are certain industries that have a higher demand. White collar jobs definitely pay more but countries try to give preference to their own people, plus there is a lot of competition for those jobs from everyone involved. Many blue collar and other service sector jobs however, have just as much demand but less competition.

So here are some of the most on demand jobs that you can get into after completing some WSQ courses:

style=”float: right;” src=”” />The Leisure Industry
There are various hotel management courses in Singapore on offer out there and they will do wonders for you in terms of employment because it is one of the fastest growing sectors in any country. Countries that were previously averse to tourism like Japan are now looking to cash in on that in order to boost their economy. Countries that were traditionally associated with it like the Caribbean or tropical islands (think Maldives) are investing more and more money into the infrastructure needed to improve on leisure. This doesn’t just include hotels, it also includes public toilets, roads and highways and parks. From the bell boy to the executive manager there are vacancies throughout the pipeline.

The Beauty Industry
Every few years the industry goes and finds new techniques to change our appearance. Thus, the industry keeps growing. The good news is that this opens up many jobs for people looking into skill migration. Hair stylists, makeup artists, masseuses, hair dressers, beauticians, and other professionals in this field always have a demand because it involves a high degree of experience and skill in order to minimize the high margin of error. Beauticians have to possess creativity but also flexibility to cater to a variety of customers. In some countries, experienced beauticians can earn well over a junior executive in a corporate because of the difficulty of getting good stylists.

The Food Industry
This is linked to the leisure industry in that cooks and chefs work in hotels. However the food industry itself is much larger than that. This includes everything from cooks, chefs, sous chefs and waiters to organic farmers, food processing plant owners and workers, to quality control and health officials. Then of course there are the vineyards, the breweries, the bartenders, the wine connoisseurs, and others related to the alcohol industry.

Farmer (poultry, vegetable or otherwise) may not get much of a look-in for skill migration, but chefs, waiters and bartenders definitely do. This is especially true if you have a professional qualification that will certify your knowledge and you can produce letters of recommendation and reference to prove your experience.